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Stogrepock at FILE 2009

August 2nd, 2009

Stogrepock is a remake of the classic Lunar Lander game. But in this installation, the two players control the spaceship using their voices, instead of a controller. This work is currently on exhibition at FILE 2009 in São Paulo.

Concept and development by Fabiano Onça and colmeia.

Made with OpenFrameworks.

Tantalus Quest at FILE 2008

August 4th, 2008

Tantalus Quest is a game / installation that I developed at colmeia for FILE 2008, Brazil’s main electronic arts festival.

Game designer Fabiano Onça conceived the game, in which people must fill geometric shapes with their own silhouettes (as captured by webcams hanging from the ceiling):

Tantalus Quest at FILE 2008 from eduardo omine on Vimeo.

Software was built with OpenFrameworks, which is to C++ what Processing is to Java. A prototype was built with Flash (AS3), but it was slow — reading pixel values (BitmapData.getPixel) can be processor-heavy. Thanks to OpenFrameworks, porting the AS3 code to C++ was quite easy.

The application is very simple: the images captured by the cameras are brightened, blurred and thresholded, resulting in black blobs. The amount of blob pixels inside the geometric shape count as positive points and the pixels outside the geometric shape count as negative points.

This was my first project with computer art in a physical space — it’s something that I should explore further in my personal projects.

More pictures at Flickr.